The Ebo Forest Research Project (EFRP) exists to promote the conservation of the forest and wildlife of the Ebo forest, Cameroon. We originally visited the Ebo forest in 2002 and established the first of two permanently-manned research stations in the forest in April 2005 with authorization from the Minister for Forestry and Wildlife of the Government of Cameroon. Today we comprise over twenty Cameroonian staff, many of whom come from the Ebo area. All funding of our work comes from grant raising and philanthropy, and our ultimate goal is to become a Cameroonian-run, self-sufficient research and conservation project with long-term, sustainable goals at its core.

The Ebo Forest Research Project is currently managed under the Central Africa Program of the Zoological Society of San Diego’s Institute for Conservation Research.

Our conservation and research work is funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service Great Ape Conservation Fund, the Arcus Foundation and the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, to whom we are grateful.