The plants of the Ebo forest are just as fascinating as the wildlife. The EFRP has been working with the staff at the National Herbarium of Cameroon and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK to document the diversity of the forest since 2005. Together, we are compiling a Checklist of the Plants of the Ebo Forest, which will list all the plants recorded from the forest and their IUCN red list status. Specimens of many hundreds of plants have been collected through the efforts of collecting expeditions from staff and volunteers from these institutions, and our active collaboration has already identified several species new to science, including Crateranthus ebo, a tree with spectacular fruits, and Ardisia ebo, a mat-forming shrub. In early 2013 we started a new botanical collaboration with the University of Halle Germany, and the University at Albany (State University of New York), as part of a larger NSF-funded project. Our research will investigate the potential effects of climate change on Sarcophrynium prionogonium – a large-leaved shrub whose stems and fruits are eaten by primates.